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Dоme Liviпg
#1   22.09.2015 — 17:03
Нашел такой файлик.

Here’s a book written especially for people thinking about planning a Monolithic Dome dream home but concerned about the answers they don’t have.-
I meet people in that situation just about everyday. Most have heard something
about Monolithic Dome homes that piques their interest. But that something may
be very diffrent from what they know about run-of-the-mill American housing.
So they feel confused. Thy have questions — lots of questions.
Well, the answers are in Dоmе Liviпg: What You Need to Know About a Mоnоlithiс Dome Home — Before You Buy One.

dome living.JPG
dome living.JPG [ 116.05 Кб | Просмотров: 9281 ]
dome-living p191-p380.pdf [10.61 Мб]

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dome-living p1-p190.pdf [18.15 Мб]

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